What we Offer

Sourcing is embedded in all aspects of our lives, whether personal or professional. Our consulting services focus on aiding consumers and business professionals with the intent of providing a portal for ALL consumers and ALL vendors. Our purpose is to assist consumers in meeting their purchasing objectives prior to submitting a bid and to assist vendors with understand how to get the most out of their proposals. The services listed below are designed to meet these objectives.


Consumer Consulting

Consumer consultancy is designed to help consumers from all walks of life who are seeking to get the most for their money. Such as:

High Quality Products and Services

Low Costs

Quick Delivery

These consulting services are intended for high dollar or high-risk purchases. This is not to say that ALL bid opportunities are not considered, we work diligentlyto get you the most for your purchase.

Our Services

Sourcing Outsourcing

A Our outsourcing solution is designed to strengthen your purchasing efforts by allocating experts to manage your short term and long-term needs. Contact us today to discuss our process. Contact us for pricing. Coming Soon.

Business Consulting

Business consulting includes a strong practices whose purposes are to optimize how businesses submit proposals for products and services. Business consulting helps entrepreneurs and business leaders set up a cost reduction and risk mitigation strategies in order to meet short- and long-term goals. Our consultancy service will help introduce industry best-practices and the most effective sourcing methods which are designed to maximize the bidding experience involving ALL RFx engagements, so that the business can align its profit margins, overhead and ROI with greater outcomes. Contact us for pricing.


Not-For-Profit consultancy is structured to help Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and Not-For-Profits optimize budgets that have limited flexibility. Our services are cost conscience with payment plans and models that will support these business entities in helping them meet their goals as they continue to support our local, national and global communities. We thank you for your service to those who are in need. Contact us for pricing.

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